Are you looking for structured Alzheimer’s and dementia programming with proven results?

The BBET Program consists of four therapies customized to each individual resident’s interests and capabilities (as a complement to group activities):

• Music Therapy • Video Therapy • Stimulating Therapy • Memory Prop Therapy

Benefits of the BBET Program:

• Therapies are individualized, providing both comfort and appropriate cognitive exercise
• Variety of non-pharmacological options for managing behaviors and engaging residents
• Enhances family visits & interactions
• Resident program reports are available to families at care conferences
• Improves each resident’s quality of life
• Signs of stress are identified by trained staff before behaviors escalate
• Residents are calm for hours after the therapy and often sleep better

The BBET Program has received six national awards:

• 2011 Dorland Health Silver Crown Award for Alzheimer’s Care
• 2011 AMDA Foundation Quality Improvement Award (jointly sponsored by Pfizer)
• 2012 Long-Term Living Leaders of Tomorrow Award
• 2012 LTC LINK Spirit of Innovation Award
• 2012 OPTIMA Award by Long-Term Living
• 2014 ACHCA Public Service Award

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