HCF…a tradition of caring since 1968
HCF is a people-focused organization made up of concerned individuals who help support HCF’s mission and who recognize the need for compassionate, meaningful, rehabilitative and skilled long-term nursing care for those in need.

The growth of HCF has been largely influenced by the primary factors of an increasing need within our communities and the growing demand for higher levels of skilled nursing care. The need for quality extended care facilities in non-metropolitan areas presents the opportunity for continued success in the future. The high level of occupancy in our homes speaks of our commitment to provide the best care…a matter of prime importance to HCF.

Future growth for the organization is dependent upon many factors such as federal and state regulations, customer wants and needs, as well as service availability. However, prudent leadership and a conservative approach to growth have positioned HCF to meet future challenges. Our company’s objective continues to be providing the very best care to the residents we serve, and to enhance the quality of life for residents, their families and our employees. When the time comes, turn to us to continue our tradition of caring for your loved one.

HCF A Tradition of Caring